Since founding our company in 1992 and starting of our TERRAMAG® S series in 2000 we committed us in sustainability. We are aware of your responsibility, which accompany with permanent magnets. Therefore, we use our knowledge and experience to develop more efficient and sustainable production- and distribution channels.
We are dedicated to a sustainable product cycle, so we focus our R&D activities on recycling of sintered permanent magnets. Next to the idea to establish a complete sustainable product life cycle, we developed our TERRAMAG® R and Z series with the special characteristics that the amount of heavy rare earths are reduced or completely substituted.

Sustainability in applications

The rising requirements in the field of environmental and emission protection desire on more efficient machines and generators.
From the smallest application in watches up to stationary machines like off-shore wind generates, we provide our customers the most appropriate magnetic material. Modern process technologies and joining technologies, allow large dimensions and unusual forms, with an unique coating. In combination with our own system production, we are able to supply complete systems in a modular way.

Recycling and raw material preparation

How knows the massive machines in the recycling and waste management, knows the powerful forces which are necessary to divide scrap from iron particles. These machines require high remanent magnetic fields, which are provided form our development department.