According to our philosophy product management is not only trading with products or services, it is a complex structure with the primary objective to satisfy our customer demands.
Due to our own development experience and participation in national and international research projects, our team can support you in all kind of technical, quality or commercial questions. We examine if there is the possibility to modify serial tools to develop a cost-effective production at our customers. All drawings are technical and commercial evaluated, if the specifications are too high or low for the specific application. Due to small changes there are substantial changes in the performance of the final magnets and in the costs.
For new projects we offer feasibility studies and project implementation in sampling and pre-serial phase. Based on our long experience in different fields of applications of permanent magnets, we can detect failures before they occur. This detailed communication is possible because of our clearly defined communications routes and flat hierarchies.
Our specific contact persons for technical and commercial questions will be happy to answer any of your questions

We are looking forward in supporting you at any questions:

  • Which material is most adequate for my application?
  • Which delivery time is needed for sampling with or without tooling?
  • Is BEC able to provide fault diagnosis or my product / application?
  • Which effect occurs at higher temperature and hard environmental effects on the lifetime at my permanent magnets?
  • Can I join running series production or are my materials customized produced?