Welcome at BEC GmbH

since 26 years with over 50 employees in Moers and Shanghai


BEC’s product portfolio is growing in line with customer requirements and technological progress. Therefore we are able to find…

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Different applications require different kind of coatings. Besides the protection against environmental conditions, coatings can be used for optical…

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Permanent magnets infuse our daily life in more applications than computer or sensor systems. Nevertheless, the knowledge about this…

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Facts to BEC

Sometimes in life there are ideas which have an ongoing impact. One of these ideas was the founding of BEC at the beginning of the 90s. Driven by an idea to realize own goals and creativity, a few former colleagues, resolute to translate the idea into reality.

To this date we engage 50 employees in Moers and Shanghai. Short ways and a flat hierarchy allow direct communication and close cooperation, which results in our flexibility and trustworthiness.

Due to our own laboratory in Moers, we allow our customers fast solutions in any kind of magnetic problems.

The most important steps of our history

2018: Start of series production of GBD process (Grain Boundary Diffusion) to increase the coercivity of high remanent materials
2018: Opening of a further BEC laboratory at the main production plant
2017: 25th anniversary
2015: Shifting the R&D department to Moers
2014: Start of TERRAMAG® Light series, with TERRAMAG® R and TERRAMAG® Z
2012: Development of HHCJ series
2006: foundation of R&D Department in Colmar
2005: Start of TERRAMAG® H-N and LO-N series
2003: Exclusive rights for distribution of TERRAMAG® and TERRABOND®
2002: Relocation of logistics and management to the historical coal mine are Rhein-Preußen
2000: start of first thermal and corrosion stable sintered NdFeB permanent magnets in the history of Chinese permanent magnets. Start of TERRAMAG® S series
1998: Implementation of European measurement and tests standard in china
1997: First exploratory discussion with Chinese partner to permanently improve production and quality standards
1994: first usage of Chinese permanent magnets in the automotive industry
1992: foundation of BEC