Visuelle Kontrolle der Magnete

A successfully sampling of new products is the key to success for both parties.

Magnets are hidden champions in different applications, and they are responsible for the smooth operation of the complete system. Especially for magnetic materials only hard facts are relevant, e.g. a shiny surface can lead to wrong estimation. A look behind the cosmetics is mandatory.

All our products are individual constructions, during these processes we check meticulous all parameters which are required by our customers. Especially, due to our experience, we know that some parameters are neglected by customers or the needed measurement equipment is not available. Because of superficial knowledge, the cheaper alternatives seem to be more efficient at the first look.
During approaching of the run production often moves the reality far away from the specification. The contact person gives only lapidary answers or forward the guilt to the customer with a lot of different questions if there occurred some problems. So that the customer gets misgiving that the supplier plays with marked cards. If the customer will find out at the beginning of run production that something is going wrong, thereby our customers are not confronted with such kind of problems, we placed our services team which are familiar with German, English and Chinese language at your disposal and give you quick support if you have any questions, problems or modification requests around the magnet.
The conditions of the PPAP preparations in our house are the same like for the run production. Although it is important to clarify all critical questions, clarify if is it possible to reduce the costs and give possible suggestion for improvements before run production. Through long term business partnership has this procedure become self-evident for us.

However, we not only focus on Chinese measure equipment but also on global market leader from measure and test equipment. In this way, you will receive in addition to the test samples a comprehensive documentation with comprehensive statement about the true quality of the samples.

Tools and securing aids
In addition to supply of sampling we are also able to develop individual magnetize- injection and fixing device tools. The importance of the quality by the devices is the same like by the samples.