BEC GmbH – for over 25 years

BEC GmbH - for over 25 years

Besides our 25-year anniversary, we are proud of the developments which we have achieved and will achieve together with our customers. Based on your diverse research and development works, we gained a lot of experience in the last 20 years. Starting with the implementation of European standards in China in the 90s within our magnets in the outer space.

A further milestone, built on our R&D is the TERRAMAG® family, which is used as a synonym for corrosion- and temperature stable sintered NdFeB permanent magnets. For 15 years we focus on the development of permanent magnets to fulfill the market demands. The foundation of our technology center in Colmar, 10 years ago, was a further step to focus on innovative solutions for our customers, two years ago we moved the facility to Moers, present BEC Technik.

As the last 25 years have shown, BEC developed to a reliable development and series partner for permanent magnets.

We, as BEC, thank you for the good cooperation and the confidence in us