Martin Coban and Detlef Möwius

Martin Coban and Detlef Möwius

Martin Çoban

Milestone – Primarily, we focused on the typical functions of a wholesaler, but recognized quickly that in our market segment the typical trade alone is not viable in the long run. The task was to combine technical know-how and process experience with production facilities in China.

The outcomes of this are our modern materials, which meet the standards of today. Also in the future, we will make every effort to meet market’s needs and to set new quality standards.

Detlef Möwius

Our Staff – If a flag represented the various nationalities of our employees and partners it would be very colorful. In order to find the proximity to customers and suppliers it was always important to us to win people from different cultures for our cause.

Only those who know and handle the local language and mentality well have the ability to put our ideas for the supply and business market into practice.

In daily business contact these colleages can aid in understanding the local situation and the views of our partners, thereby leading us to find solutions faster.