NdFeB magnets in a modern full range speaker

For acoustic applications actually only 3 different types of magnet materials are used; in fact in quantitative order of Ferrite, NdFeB and AlNiCo. Since the 70s ferrite magnets have been used as inherent part of sound converters, which either must convince by low price or where installation space and weight do not play a major role. Those are the most representative ones. In the fields of automotive application meanwhile NdFeB magnets more and more prevailed due to their advantage of smaller size, higher strength and lower weight.

Thus they contribute to a significant weight reduction of the vehicle. Typical applications are loudspeakers, subwoofers and hands-free systems. Further those raw materials are more and more used for professional sonication, where smaller versions and lower weights are required. High remanent and high-temperature resistant magnet qualities also enable the usage in acoustic transducers at extreme conditions. Die excellent anti-corrosive characteristics and variously coating possibilities are other factors to guarantee a long lifetime and an optimal performance of the final product.

AlNiCo magnets are solely used for special loudspeakers, where music playback is rather used for vintage-similar characteristics (guitar-amps) or for modern broadband loudspeakers.


Innovation made by Experience

Our global network in various industries, also brought us to several Professional and HiFi-speaker manufacturers, where our knowledge is highly appreciated.
Since the 90ties a lot of information has been removed from sound carriers for the masses in order to make music compatible for small and smaller devices with tiny little speakers. Even worse, they tried to make music for smartphones.
This tendency was heavily supported by the leading Music industry, which believed that commercial music is only merchantable, mainly for small audio devices at home, outdoor and in cars. The long-term effect on sound quality however was downhill over Decades. Today we see too many music productions, highly compressed and loud, made for the audio and automotive industry but NOT for our ears.

At the same time, we feel that the time is right now to concentrate on the production on better loudspeaker and speaker systems as many people changed their mind in terms of how to consume music. BEC Akustik`s intention is to break out of this cycle by making speakers for our ears and brains again.

We support dynamic audio productions and make people sensible for what our ears are made for: Music as our companion not troublemaker!

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