Sensor Technology

Sensors in hard disc

Sensors in hard disc

Caused the progressing automatization of production processes and continuous developments within the scope of “Industry 4.0”, applications for sensor-, measurement- and control technology steadily gain importance.

The usage of NdFeB or SmCo permanent magnets offers the ideal solution for miniaturization tasks with respect to the present variety in construction. As soon as a project takes off, we are capable of considering the ideal permanent magnet material for the development of the desired application. The high degree of preference direction, the so-called anisotropy, produced by modern presses and controlled by ideal test equipment, allow the application of our magnets for sensitive sensors. We guarantee a reproducible quality with low angle scattering of magnetic preference direction and close tolerances of pole distribution, even for high quantity production.

In case of more advanced dimensions and shapes, we can offer plastic bonded magnets (NdFeB, SmCo or ferrites) for the desired application.

As a result of standardized types and construction forms combined with an optimized and cost-reduced magnet quality enable the application of our magnets in various areas of contact- and reed switches, relays and sensors. Exemplary for the application field of sensor technology are:

• Wiper sensors
• Electrical household appliances
• Measurement- and control technology
• Electric motors