Many reasons lead to the absolute trust in our products.

Besides our strong partners and many years of experience we can look back on successful implementation of our own developments. Due to continuously increasing and changing requirements it is necessary to keep on developing and discovering permanent new potentialities.
Since the founding of BEC we are dealing with such challenge with great enthusiasm.

The emphasis here is to offer optimal solutions to our various customers.
Among our greatest success is the development of our TERRAMAG® S-Line.
Our permanent magnet material based on NdFeB can be used at temperatures up to 240°C by a heightened coercive force.
Additionally besides the higher temperature resistance our grades show an impressive stability against corrosion.
Both properties enable the extended application of the high-performance NdFeB material under difficult conditions.
Hereafter further information of our TERRAMAG® S-Line is described.
As close relative of our TERRAMAG® S-Line, our TERRAMAG® H-N-Line, is expending our portfolio of successfully completed material development.
The TERRAMAG® H-N-Line only differs from the TERRAMAG® S-Line by a marginal changed coercive force.
Hereafter further information of our TERRAMAG® H-N-Line is described.
The development of our TERRAMAG® Light Line can be desbribed as a classic example of our material development in reaction to changed requirements. Due to the change in general circumstances concerning rare earths in the chinese market, the content of the rare earths Dysprosium (Dy) and Terbium (Tb) could be replaced by special additives. This substitution follows from the development of our TERRAMAG® R-Line with a reduced Dy- and Tb-content, as well as our TERRAMAG® Z-Line without Dy und Tb.
Hereafter further information of our TERRAMAG® Light-Line is described.
In additon to our offered sintered NdFeB permanent magnet materials we are able to present our customers a bonded material line called our TERRABOND® Line, which is an specifically developed material line of bonded magnets. Since 2003 BEC has the exclusive distribution rights.
Hereafter further information of our TERRABOND® Light-Line is described.
As a result of our research we further achieved to develope our own passivation process for surface finishing of our material.
This immersion bath method assures a well protection against corrosion.
Besides its use for stock and transport it can be used excellently as foundation for further coatings.

As enhancements of our passivation process we are able to offer a surface finishing of aluminium pigmented spray coating. Our PASSAL® coating is suitable for applications under extreme conditions, for instance generators in the Offshore-Area. Under salt water tests PASSAL® coating is achieving the best results.
Hereafter further information of our surface treatment is described.