Sintered Permanent magnets AlNiCo

AlNiCo-MagnetAlNiCo magnets are among the oldest permanent magnetic materials still in use today. Main alloying components are Aluminum, Nickel, Cobalt and Iron, as well as additives like Cupper, Niobium and Titan. Depending on the production process the properties of these isotropic and anisotropic AlNiCos can be divided into cast and sintered groups. All materials are hard and brittle. Due to their excellent temperature coefficient and the max. working temperature of up to 500° these magnets are still essential today despite their several disadvantages.To guarantee the maximum efficiency anisotropic AlNiCos commonly must be produced in the shape of long cylinders.

The isotropic AlNiCos belong to the so-called semi hard magnetic hysteresis materials and are especially used in hysteresis couplings and brakes. Still today AlNiCo permanent magnets are used in sound speaker systems. E.g. in particularly high-quality sound systems like guitar amplifiers and broadband loudspeaker.

Alnico-Data for download (PDF)